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About us

O BAG UK is the exclusive distributor of O bag brand products in the UK and Republic of Ireland. This website is provided for our retail stockists only. Members of the general public can search for our product stockists HERE - UK high street or global online. High street retailers can apply to become authorised product stockists HERE.

The brand was established in Italy in 2009 by a vibrant and experienced group of designers with a passion for creating colourful and quirky objects of desire. Our growing range of fashion accessories are designed and made in Italy.

Through the bringing together of the founders’ diverse experience the O clock watch was born; the first in a series of products characterised by clean minimalist design in fun and playful colours.

The perfect marriage of form and function typified by the O clock explains its cult following amongst those appreciative of products with a rare fusion of practical function and aesthetic value.

O clock watches were the first range to be launched - watches with both practical, function and aesthetic value. We then introduced the unique O chive pocket watch in numerous colours. Our second range was the O bag - soft, tactile, lightweight and waterproof. The future is not only bags and watches but objects of design for everyone to enjoy.

O bag collections

The O bag is a beautifully simple design, rich in practicality.

With a shell made of EVA foam rubber, O bags are soft, tactile, flexible, waterproof, lightweight and resilient. There are various styles in numerous colours - the O bag classic, O bag mini, O chic. O pocket and O basket shoulder bags and O folder messenger bags.

O bags have a wide choice of accessories - numerous interchangeable handles, inner bags and trims. You can create, customise and swap accessories around to produce a striking fashion statement, a unique look or just to match your outfit on the day. Our customers love to buy and collect a range of O bag shell colours, handles and accessories (some seasonal) and match them with our watches and bracelets.

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O clock watches

The brilliance of the O clock watch is its concept - over 30 watch strap colours and over 120 watch dial designs - and all interchangeable, thus making over 6,500 different variations of the O clock watch.

An O clock watch can be bought complete and you can increase your colour options by buying extra O clock watch dials and straps separately. Create either a unique co-ordinated look or a striking fashion statement depending on one's style, mood or outfit.

O clock watch straps are made from hypo-allergenic stretch-silicone and are extremely comfortable to wear. They can be worn loose like a bracelet or with a tighter fit. The O clock watch mechanism is by Citizen - amongst the most reliable in the world, it has a replaceable battery and analogue hands.