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Web policy - JComm Limited

  1. Policy dated 29 October 2018

  2. NONE of our products may be sold online (e-commerce mail order) on any type of website (a retailer website for example), in any region or country except under contracted agreement with the Company.

  3. Our products may NOT be sold under ANY circumstances whatsoever on eBay, Amazon or similar and Facebook or similar, in any region or country.

  4. Our “Authorised Retailers” may use images of our products on their websites but only to promote the products they sell in their physical retail outlets. Any web pages containing our product images and our company or brand descriptions must be submitted to us for approval prior to the pages appearing live on the internet. ALSO SEE point 2 above.

  5. If an individual or company has NOT been officially given "Authorised Retailer Status" by us they may NOT use images of our products in anyway online or offline to promote a business.

  6. DO NOT copy images from this website or other brand websites. If you need product images please email us and describe what you need and what they will be used for.

  7. Please also read our TERMS OF WEBSITE USE which includes information about Copyright, Trademarks and Intellectual Property.

  8. Failure to comply with this web policy will result in removal of Authorised Retailer Status and permanent cessation of supply of products from us and/or possible legal action.